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Subscription boxes Return in October!

You read that right! The Babery Box is coming back for a limited quantity release starting October 1st! 

Dont miss October's box, "Witchy Woman", featuring The Babery's 1st handmade smoke piece made in collaboration with Ave Rivera Studio!

Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!

Have you heard?! KD is launching a book club! You're invited to join us and read along as we educate ourselves on cannabis science, history and policy while learning about some of the key figures in today's Cannabis Industry.

In addition to learning, you will CONNECT with fellow cannababes local and abroad that are also on a mission to deepen their relationship with our favorite plant! addition to the rich online experience, there's a bonus aspect! If you live in Connecticut you are invited to meet us at Third Space for in person book club meetings and mingle with fellow Cannababes in our community!

Interested in more cannabis related books? Check out the new BOOK STORE section of the shop featuring a wide variety of reading materials!


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